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CRUISE animation

The animation CRUISE (2:07 min) relates the story of how in 2016 the Oslo harbour author-ities removed underwater reefs to increase the depth of the fjord from 11 to 14 meters to facilitate easier access for cruise ships to Oslo harbour. These reefs were also important spawning grounds for cod in Skagerak, the strait between the south of Norway and Den-mark. CRUISE was made right after it happened in 2016, and speculates about the situation andits possible consequences. Now in 2020, the cod population has declined to an alarming de-gree. Fishing for cod is prohibited in the whole of the Oslofjord, and off the south-east coast of Norway. There maybe complex reasons for this situation, but the removal of the spawning grounds cannot have been a sound way to safe-guard the existence of cod in the Oslofjord.

Overskrift 2

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