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This project was made for a LED screen on the facade of the Nordseter school. The work consists of three animation works. Utsikter mirrors a section of the view from the school, with the sun in the sky above a tree top. It is stylized but recognizeable with only a few movements. At different intervals the image glides to one of three animations. In these animations we see hands touching and examining elements, influencing them or creating something new. In Insekter (Insects) the hands have to be both sensitive and curious to understand the insects and share the world with them. In Tenkekuler ( thinking balls) the hands create patterns and make new discoveries. At the same time something from history emerge: Children's portraits of creative forerunners from art and science. Some very famous, some nearly forgotten. In the animation Fjordgløtt that was added in 2015, the hands play with fish and animals living in the fjord.

Children from the school collaborated with me in lending their hands to the animation.

See the animations here.

Public project: Utsikter, insekter og tenkekuler

(views, insects and thinking spheres)

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