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The Locative Media workshop

in Karosta, Latvia

organised by RIXC and located at K@2. Coming to K@2 only for the last days of the workshop, I was immediately fascinated by the adjacent square. Across it, two identical builings were mirroring eachother. One was in use as a cinema and in relatively good repair. The other was a ruin without a roof, with a clean archaic look to it.

I traced the buildings and the square using the GPS device from WAAG, getting a drawing of the situation and finding the middlepoint between the buildings. Then I traced them with my camera, comparing once identical facades and details. For this work I used my body as the measuring tool, my steps and my eyesight. This process was documented through a video called "Karosta mirror".

Skjermbilde 2020-12-30 kl. 11.27.12.png
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