Oslofjord Ecologies. Artistic Research on Environmental and Social Sustainability


Oslofjord Ecologies is an artistic research project fed by interdisciplinary impulses and aspects. Oslofjord Ecologies started as a ten-day intense workshop program, and was eventually extended to exhibitions, performances and activity programs on artistic, cultural and environmental sustainability.  Keeping questions manifold and the term ecology open inspired a wider communication encompassing an extensive range of interests and sensibilities, as well as an openness to critical questioning and discussion. Combining art and ecology often draws criticism and objections to art as an effective tool in a societal context. Why not devote our engagement directly to politics or activism?

Without answering this provocation clearly, discussions in Oslofjord Ecologies drew inspiration from the uncomfortable implications of this question and reformulated it to: What can art do?

Oslofjord Ecologies. Artistic Research on Environmental and Social Sustainability

Volume No: 18 / 3
Editors: Editors: Kristin Bergaust, Rasa Smite and Daina Silina

“Oslofjord Ecologies” marks the tenth anniversary of the Renewable Network – a Baltic-Nordic collaboration focusing on artistic practices that offer new ideas to overcome the crises of the past and present, working with science and ‘techno-ecologies’, and developing new models for more sustainable and imaginative ways of life. “Oslofjord Ecologies” is the third issue of “Renewable Futures”, a special Acoustic Space series.

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Kristin Bergaust